2020 - 2021

Tuesdays: Studio - Baton 1 - 5:00 - Lead Teacher: TBD  - Location - Ballet Room - WAIT LIST

Tuesdays: Studio - Baton 2 - 5:00 - Lead Teacher: TBD - Location - Main Room - WAIT LIST

Tuesdays: Studio - Baton 1 - 6:00 - Lead Teacher: TBD  - Location - Ballet Room- WAIT LIST

Tuesdays: Studio - Baton 3 - 7:00 - Lead Teacher: TBD  - Location - Ballet Room

Thursdays: Studio - Baton 1 - 5:00 - Lead Teacher: TBD - Location - Ballet Room

Thursdays: Studio - Baton 3 - 5:00- Lead Teacher: TBD ​ - Location - Main Room

Thursdays: Studio - Baton 1 - 6:00 - Lead Teacher: TBD - Location - Ballet Room

Thursdays: Studio - Baton 2 - 7:00 - Lead Teacher: TBD - Location - Ballet Room

All baton class registration and other fees should be made out to Shelby Starlets Baton and sent to the Studio at:

109 Cloverdale Drive

Alabaster, AL 35007

Due to COVID-19, we can only offer studio classes at this time.  Both Alabaster City and Shelby County Schools have made the decision to not allow enrichment classes at the schools for the fall semester.  They will make a decision later whether to allow the classes during the spring semester.  If you schedule a class at the studio in the fall and the classes do open at the school sites in January, you will  have the option to switch to a school site class.  We will open new class times as the current classes fill up to allow as many of our school site students to register for a studio class.

  • Fall classes begin the week of Labor Day (Sept 2nd - 5th), but please don't wait too late to register!  Classes will fill up and wait lists will be started

  • Classes listed as WAIT LIST are full. We may look into opening another class at a different time. 
    Also some students may register online, but not end up taking the class, so spots may open up. 
    You can still register for a class that has a WAIT LIST, but we can't guarantee your spot at this time.

  • The spots will be filled in the order the twirlers were registered and paid.
    You will be the first notified if a new class is created at your skill level.

  • Baton 3 classes need instructor approval, unless you have already taken that level in the previous year.   If you were Baton 1 last year, you can move up to Baton 2.  Girls do not automatically move up from Baton 2 to Baton 3.  You need to get approval from an instructor.

  • All teacher bios will be updated on the website asap so you can get to know your teachers!

  •  All classes will be $55.00/month.  Studio classes are one hour in duration.

  • We will be offering ALL levels of baton at the Studio on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays!

  • We will have open house/parent meetings about a week or so before the first class.  This will be where you will fill out any paperwork, make any payments that need to be made, as well as being able to get any questions you may have answered by our staff.  Please bring your twirler, so that we may size them for costumes, batons, shoes, etc.​​

  • I strongly encourage you to make it to one of the parent meetings!  If you do not come to one of the meetings,  you will be required to come by the studio after classes have started to get these items taken care of.  You may experience much longer wait times due to us not being able to have enough helpers available with regular classes going on.  We will announce what nights we will be doing sizing for those that didn't make the parent meetings.


​​Registration Fees
Classes at the Studio : $25.00 total (Baton Setup Up Fee of $25.00 which includes t-shirt)

How to Reserve a Spot:
1. Register your twirler online ASAP (link below) so that she/he can be in our system and receive email news.
2. Attend one of the parent meeting at the studio one week prior to the start of class to order batons, costumes, etc.

***Note: If you would like to have a new baton for your twirler’s first class and are unsure of what length to order, we can measure them at the parent meeting and get it ordered for you!  Baton cost is $30.00 and includes taping.

***We have a private re-sell site on Facebook (Shelby Starlets Costume Closet) where you can go to advertise used baton items that you would like to buy or sell! If you can't access it, request to join and we will add you!