What is Shelby Starlets?

We are a baton and dance studio which teaches basics in baton twirling and dance. Our goal is to train girls in the basics of each, and as they progress, prepare them for the next level, whether it be competition twirling, high school majorette, or college majorette. We give the girls various performance opportunities, including the Christmas Parade, a halftime performance at a High School basketball game, and the Spring Recital.


What age groups do you teach?

We accept students entering Kindergarten, and offer classes for girls K-12 .


Where are classes held?

We meet at the following locations: Our Alabaster Studio, Creekview Elementary, Meadow View Elementary, Thompson Intermediate, Helena Elementary, and Helena Intermediate. Due to COVID-19, we can only offer studio classes at this time.  Both Alabaster City and Shelby County Schools have made the decision to not allow enrichment classes at the schools for the fall semester.  They will make a decision later whether to allow the classes during the spring semester.  If you schedule a class at the studio in the fall and the classes do open at the school sites in January, you will  have the option to switch to a school site class.  We will open new class times as the current classes fill up to allow as many of our school site students to register for a studio class.

How much to do classes cost?

Classes are 55.00 per month for Baton I, II, III at the Studio


I don't have a baton- can I get one from you?

Yes, we order batons almost weekly. They cost 30.00 and can be ordered as soon as we receive payment. This will include the tape for the batons. We can usually have the batons back in about a week.


What is this about tape,caps, and cases?

All girls will need to have their baton/s taped once class begins. Cost is 3.00/baton. We will tape the baton/s for you in class. Baton 1 and 2 will have the standard white/purple/pink tape, and Baton 3 and 4 will use grip tape. Practice caps are 4.00/pair and come in a variety of colors. They are only for practice and are used to keep the white baton tips clean. Caps are NOT required. Baton cases are available in a variety of colors. Cases are NOT required, but are useful for multiple batons. Cases range from 35.00-45.00.

What do the girls wear for class?

Comfortable clothing is a must. Baton 1 and 2 - no baggy, bulky clothes, no dresses, skirts, dress shoes or flip flops. Hair pulled back. Baton 3 - jazz pants or stretch pants, tan cougar shoes, hair pulled back.

What other costs are involved?

There is a $25.00 fall setup fee, which includes a t-shirt. There is a costume, and we will wear this outfit for the basketball performance, and our Spring Recital. For the Christmas parade, you will purchase a parade shirt for your twirler to wear over black leggings. Our 2019-2020 costumes were $65.00 for all classes. Twirl Team costumes will vary in cost . Costume money is due by October 1st. There is a $20.00 recital fee, due May 1st to cover costs for our Spring Recital.